WarnerMedia Partners with NARF to Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month. This month and every month we are proud to partner with the Native American Rights Fund (NARF) to ensure a future where Native American rights, resources, and lifeways are protected.

NARF holds governments accountable. We fight to protect Native American rights, resources, and lifeways through litigation, legal advocacy, and expertise. We speak out against the invisibility of Native American people and tribes in the mainstream media and fight against stereotypes in Native representation.

NARF is a nonprofit organization governed by a board of directors composed of thirteen Native Americans from tribes throughout the country and with a variety of expertise in Native American matters. Early in NARF’s existence, these directors identified five priority areas for the organization:

  • Preserve tribal existence
  • Protect tribal natural resources
  • Promote Native American human rights
  • Hold governments accountable to Native Americans
  • Develop Indian law and educate the public about Indian rights, laws, and issues

Since 1970, NARF has successfully asserted and defended some of the most important rights of Native American individuals and tribes in hundreds of major cases in critical areas such as tribal sovereignty, treaty rights, natural resource protection, voting rights, and Indian education.

NARF continues to engage in high-impact legal actions and projects that move us towards a world where Native Americans thrive as their rights, resources, and lifeways are intact and protected; promises made to them are upheld; and they exercise their sovereign right to manage their own affairs while tribes exercise their sovereign right to manage their own affairs as governments.

Visit NARF.org